Sunday, February 8, 2009

Heavy, man. Or, My adventures with sourdough.

So I bought this issue of Mary Jane's Farm for a friend of mine that really wants her own hive. The issue was all about honey and I ended up reading parts of it and found the instructions for making sourdough bread.

Sounded so easy I figured I'd give it a try. It appealed to me in a chemistry set kind of way. The whole idea of adding two simple things every day, stirring it, watching it get all bubbly and funky smelling became something to look forward to after work.

Even if the article suggested you keep it by your coffee pot so it'll become a morning ritual, the best morning ritual I have is making it out of the door somewhat dressed at 6:30AM.

The happy bowl of goo, after I pulled out two cups to make my first bread.

Ready to go into the oven

All done! I was so excited that I took a cut out of it before I realized I wanted a picture.

It got the seal of approval from a Bay Area native, so I'm pretty satisfied in my first attempt.

I didn't expect them to be quite so heavy.

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Jackie said...

Nice first attempt on the sourdough! Just came across your blog, and I love your sense of humor! Keep it up...