Monday, October 27, 2008

Expanding Shelves

At work I'm usually the one that shelves in the kids/young adult area. It's a lot of work since it's like shelving a bookstore within a bookstore. Recently we've been running out of space in the young adult area. Many cracks about crowbars and chunks of lard have been made. I just stood looking at the little island and realized that there was one less self on one side. WHY?! hour and a half later, the other side of the shelves had one extra shelf each. The YA SFF section could breathe again! I could actually do several faceouts and this fills me with dorky glee. Naturally everyone tends to 'adopt' sections of the stores and this is one of mine.

To me it's almost like I get to run my own bookstore in a micro way. Certainly I don't have much control over what hits the shelves, but at least I can draw attention to books and authors that I would like people to discover.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


In light of that last post I think it would be best if I let my intention be known. I will have a new job before Christmas/New Years. I know I'm a returning student and all, but I'd like to have a job that is more attuned to my honest skill level and what I think I'm worth.

Being able to wear cute things to work would be an added bonus.

Not walking 6 miles a shift would be an even bigger bonus*

*quite guilty of wearing a pedometer to work out of curiosity.

Could it be?

That the leaves are finally changing? Almost November and we've barely felt a hint of Autumn. At least it's cold in the morning now. Nights finally call for real blankets and I just don't feel like getting up so early for work.

Not that it's a bad job, it's nice and I like the people I work with. Certainly much less stress than my old one, but the trade-off is pay halved for stress halved.

Honestly, it's more than halved, the stress is damn near non-existent. Too bad my paycheck reflects this.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Where the heart is left

I keep dreaming of the house I grew up in. Only the surroundings are more interesting and more populated. I found an old picture of my cousin and I about to set off to make a tent out of a favorite blanket and one found 2x4. You can tell in the picture how windy it is and if I'm not mistaken that tent never did make it.

I do think they ended up making a fort out of tumbleweeds. I couldn't have been more than 4 years old, but I remember parts of the visit so vividly. I'm wondering if it is the visit that ended up with our trusted cow dog biting me. I was so small and trying to warn the cousins not to bother him while he ate. I didn't blame our dog at all, he was just being a dog. Somehow I knew this barely out of toddler years.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Cold and Happy

Can't think of much to write today. I'm just so happy for the weekend. I'm hoping to get a new skirt sewn or maybe finish a book. I need to get some writing done as well because I'm pretty horribly behind on several things.

It's cold finally, so I'm sleeping like a log and eating like I'm preparing for hibernation. I got home from work and boiled not one, but two servings of pasta to be devoured with butter and cali style garlic salt. (You know the kind with the little green bits, my favorite!)

I need to buy more coffee.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I count squirrels and fall off sidewalks

I'm going back to school in a town I used to live in. Except when I lived there before, for some reason I ignored the campus completely. That's a pretty big tell to where my head was during that time.

It feels like a completely different place. I walk past these huge old two story houses with yards and trees that have been there for years. I count the squirrels both on my way to class and back to my car. I'm parking in a residential area that allows it in order to save money. It feels like I've won both ways, one by saving money and another in the walking and squirrel counting. There's cats too, they're easy to spot once you locate them via the angry clucks the fuzzy-tailed ones scold them with.

Falling off sidewalks? Sometimes I get a little tilted it seems, that and I'm just plan clumsy. Paying too much attention to trees and not feet.