Sunday, February 8, 2009

Heavy, man. Or, My adventures with sourdough.

So I bought this issue of Mary Jane's Farm for a friend of mine that really wants her own hive. The issue was all about honey and I ended up reading parts of it and found the instructions for making sourdough bread.

Sounded so easy I figured I'd give it a try. It appealed to me in a chemistry set kind of way. The whole idea of adding two simple things every day, stirring it, watching it get all bubbly and funky smelling became something to look forward to after work.

Even if the article suggested you keep it by your coffee pot so it'll become a morning ritual, the best morning ritual I have is making it out of the door somewhat dressed at 6:30AM.

The happy bowl of goo, after I pulled out two cups to make my first bread.

Ready to go into the oven

All done! I was so excited that I took a cut out of it before I realized I wanted a picture.

It got the seal of approval from a Bay Area native, so I'm pretty satisfied in my first attempt.

I didn't expect them to be quite so heavy.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Holy crap! Kittens!

Last week we were on our way to the weekly crafternoon a friend of ours hosts. Each week has a theme, the first was the Bourne movies, then Scooby Doo movies and this last week it was 9th season Doctor Who.

I can't believe I forgot how much I loved Ol' Jug Ears.

However instead of the usual 3 pugs, 1 terrier pup and two cats...

And two new kittens! Adopted at the Petco next to the cajun place were we had just had lunch.

So meet Fred and Lucy:
The kitty foster mom kept saying we could name them whatever we wanted, she'd just come up the names so they could go to the vet to get fixed. Oddly the names fit them pretty well, so Fred and Lucy they stay.

And yeah, it's kind of great to have a reason to yell "HEEEEEY LUUUCY I'M HOOOOOME!!!" when you get home from work.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chocolate, Whiskey, Tea...

A year or so ago I went to Chicago and fell in love with a tea shop. It seemed more like an apothecary the way it was set up with tins and drawers lining the walls.

There I discovered O'Connor's Cream. It's a black tea with the flavors of chocolate, whiskey and cream. It's the tea I bring out for friends that say they don't like tea.

I bought a huge bag of it, a bag so large it has outlasted some friendships.

Unfortunately I cannot even begin to pronounce the name of the store so I will provide a link instead. TeaGschwendner how I've missed you.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ten things from the prompt generator!

(With thanks to Lynn Viehl, who makes blogging something interesting every day look easy. She's one of my inspirations to get this damn thing flying)

Prompts from : Imagination Prompt Generator

Is there another way to look at it?
You can try standing on your head, or using an empty paper towel roll as a telescope. If you want to get really fancy, and are patient enough, use two toilet paper rolls as binoculars.

Write a haiku about what you see out the window.
The cold dark sidewalk
A scraping noise from below.
Big Kitty wants in.

Normal is...
A lie people tell themselves to excuse bad behavior.
See also: Boring

Do you work too much?
I don't work enough. If I'm not doing, I'm napping.

Write about a question that looms large in your mind right now.
Good grief, what do I have to wear to work tomorrow.
(answer, Red tunicy jacket, River whoops the Reavers boots, Stevie Nicks skirt and warm black leggings)

Name five things in your freezer.
Ice cubes, Pork chops, peas-n-carrots, the fruit experiment potstickers, ground beef
(soon, homemade chicken broth!)

An activity that I enjoy is...
Sorting tiny doll shoes. It's very relaxing.

What does your cat think?
Food food, where is my food, oh there is my food NOM NOM NOM let me out, let me in where is my food? There it is! NOM NOM NOM isitinyourlapnow

Right now, I feel...
Sleepy, and a little bit gassy from the smoked chicken.
I feel pretty content right now.

Today when I put on my pants, I...
Will wonder why they are a skirt.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm sleepy...

But happy.

But very sleepy.

Good night.

Monday, January 19, 2009

What I carry now

I like it enough, but it's just not as functional as it should be.

Basically this is the really large purse that I put my smaller purse in.

Last year I used it as my book bag when I was unexpectedly accepted for the Fall semester.

This semester I'd like to a a serious bag, because I R serious student.

A least something that makes me think my laptop is somewhat protected.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A little related?

I'm terrible picky when it comes to purses, and I've needed a new one for a few months now. My beloved meatloaf purse, named such because it is roughly the size of a meatloaf, has served me well, but I need something that can carry an actual book, my small calendar and a book if I want something to read. (which I usually always do)

I think I might have found one on etsy. It has a pinecone print. ^_^