Thursday, October 23, 2008

I count squirrels and fall off sidewalks

I'm going back to school in a town I used to live in. Except when I lived there before, for some reason I ignored the campus completely. That's a pretty big tell to where my head was during that time.

It feels like a completely different place. I walk past these huge old two story houses with yards and trees that have been there for years. I count the squirrels both on my way to class and back to my car. I'm parking in a residential area that allows it in order to save money. It feels like I've won both ways, one by saving money and another in the walking and squirrel counting. There's cats too, they're easy to spot once you locate them via the angry clucks the fuzzy-tailed ones scold them with.

Falling off sidewalks? Sometimes I get a little tilted it seems, that and I'm just plan clumsy. Paying too much attention to trees and not feet.

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