Monday, October 27, 2008

Expanding Shelves

At work I'm usually the one that shelves in the kids/young adult area. It's a lot of work since it's like shelving a bookstore within a bookstore. Recently we've been running out of space in the young adult area. Many cracks about crowbars and chunks of lard have been made. I just stood looking at the little island and realized that there was one less self on one side. WHY?! hour and a half later, the other side of the shelves had one extra shelf each. The YA SFF section could breathe again! I could actually do several faceouts and this fills me with dorky glee. Naturally everyone tends to 'adopt' sections of the stores and this is one of mine.

To me it's almost like I get to run my own bookstore in a micro way. Certainly I don't have much control over what hits the shelves, but at least I can draw attention to books and authors that I would like people to discover.

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