Sunday, January 11, 2009

Now I remember why I don't go to the mall...

I forgot how LOUD they play the music in some departments. I nearly ran screeching from one dress department when Beyonce's Put a Ring On It started to blare. Jiminy Christmas.

Found a hoodie that I liked, but alas, the medium was made for girls with no boobs. Where were these clothes back when I had no boobs and was built like a #2 pencil? WHERE?!

The return process was easy, so now I have a nice gift card. I'll probably try to hit another Dillard's soon, maybe one that doesn't require me to hire a guide and ring my brother up for a search party. He found 3 jackets at Macy's

Although I did find the most perfect robe and sleepset ever. It had me written all over it, unfortunatly it also had $$$ written all over it.

If I'm plunking down a good slab of cash it needs to be deliciously made and made to last damn near forever.

The good? Amazing smoked salmon, and milk in the fridge.

Milk in the fridge means cereal for breakfast.

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